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With all that has happened at college in the last two weeks, I think it was very clear that everyone needed their spirits lifted and a good laugh. Thankfully the amazing DRAMSOC cast provided for us, going above and beyond to get this play perfect, even though there were a few last-minute cast changes that…

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REVIEW: All’s Fair in Love and Virtue

Jules Vahl reviews Diana Reid’s new campus novel, Love and Virtue. This review contains discussion of consent and sexual assault, which may trigger some readers.  According to my English lecturer last semester, it takes around sixty pages for a reader to fully immerse themselves in the world of a novel. It took only one page…

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REVIEW: Nude Tuesday – hilariously unhinged, fantastically lewd and fabulous feel-good fun

Ewan Jackman reviews Nude Tuesday at this year’s Sydney Film Festival It’s impossible to prepare yourself before watching this hilariously absurd comedy. Jumping from one joke to another, Nude Tuesday (2022) holds nothing back with numerous hyper-sexual and lewd punchlines from beginning to end.  The film follows the well-trodden tale of a couple, Bruno (Damon…

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