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The Importance of being Earnest

Around 380 BC, Plato wrote the Gorgias, a fictional dialogue between Socrates and a group of sophists at a dinner party. The work follows the principle of Plato’s other dialogues: the group debates amongst themselves about the true nature of political rhetoric through the Socratic method. Both Socrates and Plato believed earnestly in the intellectual…

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Oscars 2023 Review

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony, colloquially known as the Oscars, were held in Los Angeles on March 12th. After last year’s front page drama involving Will Smith’s infamous slap, the Academy was seeking a return to normality, focusing on the basics to hopefully survive the night scandal-free. There were some clear favourites in several categories…

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REVIEW: Nude Tuesday – hilariously unhinged, fantastically lewd and fabulous feel-good fun

Ewan Jackman reviews Nude Tuesday at this year’s Sydney Film Festival It’s impossible to prepare yourself before watching this hilariously absurd comedy. Jumping from one joke to another, Nude Tuesday (2022) holds nothing back with numerous hyper-sexual and lewd punchlines from beginning to end.  The film follows the well-trodden tale of a couple, Bruno (Damon…

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