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Interpreting the Artificial

Nina Friars and Netra Hankins produce an art journal that deconstructs the artificially constructed. A GUIDE TO READING THIS JOURNAL We implore our readers not to go through the world complacently. We encourage our readers to not mindlessly consume, but instead, to actively question and critically re-evaluate what is deemed objective. Society has developed in…

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Football and Politics in the Gulf

George Bright and Tommy Go discuss the increasing interest in football in the Gulf states and examine some of the political issues that arise from this. Introduction  In the last fifteen years, football has become of increasing interest to the oil-rich nations of the Persian Gulf. The reasons behind this sudden, perturbing interest have…

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How to Build a Bridge

Jules Vahl and Akin Brown reflect on their educational experiences, through the fictional persona of Miro. In doing so, they provide a penetrating insight into the heart of the education system, both in Australia and New Zealand. Authors’ Note: This article tells the story of Miro. As you read it, reflect on your own educational…

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In recognition of NAIDOC Week, Malcolm Ward and Finn Ball produce one of the most challenging reads ever published on Drew’s News, discussing Makarrata and the broader treatment of First Nations peoples in Australia. This article is presented as a work in progress … just like Makarrata. We encourage you to form your own opinion and…

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