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Why do we care so much about women smiling?

For International Women’s Day, Gemma Hudson reflects on the social conditioning of gender in society and advocates for substantive change. We like it when people are nice, but we especially like it when women are nice. We like it when they’re accommodating, respectful, diplomatic. We’re told that no matter what happens, there is nothing to…

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Interpreting the Artificial

Nina Friars and Netra Hankins produce an art journal that deconstructs the artificially constructed. A GUIDE TO READING THIS JOURNAL We implore our readers not to go through the world complacently. We encourage our readers to not mindlessly consume, but instead, to actively question and critically re-evaluate what is deemed objective. Society has developed in…

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The Challenge Within

An anonymous student discusses their brother’s transition and some of the responses that their family has faced. When I completed my HSC in 2019, my parents took me aside to describe the scenario that my family would soon have to confront. My brother was about to undergo his social transition from female to male. I…

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