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Private Schools – Who Needs ‘Em?

Riverview graduate Ed Goodman reflects on his privilege and argues the case for abolishing private schools. Before I proceed, I would like to note that I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had and continue to have due to my privilege, and I can recognise the irony of an ex-private school student tearing…

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How to Build a Bridge

Jules Vahl and Akin Brown reflect on their educational experiences, through the fictional persona of Miro. In doing so, they provide a penetrating insight into the heart of the education system, both in Australia and New Zealand. Authors’ Note: This article tells the story of Miro. As you read it, reflect on your own educational…

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Everyone at Drew’s is talented in one way or another. Whether it’s athletically, academically, musically, socially… you get the gist, everyone here is pretty much brilliant at what they do. Being in such an inspiring environment got me wondering, what is my special talent? And after thinking long and hard, I concluded that I’m ok…

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College – a new perspective

The practices and even placement of colleges on university land has polarised wider media for many decades. Most people will already have a fairly fixed view on the colleges at the University of Sydney. While it is not my place to even attempt to change that, I believe that there is a story that is…

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