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The Myth of Genius

I am so sick of people asking me for an explanation. People can’t seem to wrap their minds around creativity – my genius. Even after I explained myself. He knew I was a genius. You can’t explain genius to someone who isn’t one; that’s what I have learned in the past few weeks. I’m an…

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It would be a week before the smell of rot would alert the worker on my grandfather’s farm to what had happened – to what I had done. The body of Holden was found crumpled and bloodied in a silo of grain by Hugh on his monthly equipment check-up – he noticed the stench and…

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Time in Orbit – The Rise of Lyra

Three stalled raps against the wood – With this familiar knock, Professor John Lark was pulled from his trance; the dense and difficult theories saturating his mind instantly faded from thought. He transferred his gaze from the charts sprawled across his desk to the girl who lingered at the door. “Dad, I can’t sleep.” Stella…

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