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The Anatomy of Hatred

Alex Malouf reflects on the concept of hatred and situates it in the current political climate. Hate. The word ‘hate’ is, at least in English, a very vague concept. You can use it for just about any kind of negative relationship with anything, regardless of how severe it actually is. You hate stubbing your toe…

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An Open Letter To My White Friends

Nina Friars reflects on her heritage and her story in an emotional and poignant letter to her friends for the Drew’s News Lockdown Writing Competition. “Cradled in one culture, sandwiched between two cultures, straddling all three cultures and their value systems, undergoes a struggle of flesh, a struggle of borders, an inner war.”  - Gloria…

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How a Nation Fails

Alex Malouf reflects on his cultural heritage and the political situation in Lebanon. There’s a saying in Sydney’s Lebanese community; “Anyone with the means or money to get out, did so a long time ago”. Whenever I used to meet with my grandfather’s side of the family for a celebration or big get-together, conversation would…

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International Women’s Day 2021: No Choice But Change

Emily Tyrrell reflects on International Women’s Day and the reality that a woman in 2021 Australia must face. Each year, International Women’s Day selects a theme to reflect the milieu. This year, they’ve picked ‘choose to challenge’, their rationale being that a ‘challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change’. This statement doesn’t sit well with…

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