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Rawson Round 2: Wesley falls to Drew’s 79-7

Rugby has long been a game of contrasting styles. Festival rugby is some people’s idea of heaven; others dismiss it as akin to basketball, all frills, no crunch. Unfortunately for Wesley College, the case of great rugby prowess and glory was getting close to dissipating completely.  Wesley College continued their perpetual Sisyphean struggle; which has…

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Football and Politics in the Gulf

George Bright and Tommy Go discuss the increasing interest in football in the Gulf states and examine some of the political issues that arise from this. Introduction  In the last fifteen years, football has become of increasing interest to the oil-rich nations of the Persian Gulf. The reasons behind this sudden, perturbing interest have…

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Australian Football’s Problem with Blue Players

George Bright analyses the psychology behind football and the effect on Australia’s football culture. Since the apogee of the Socceroos at the 2015 Asian Cup, Australia’s progress towards consistently becoming genuine contenders at the international level has seemingly stagnated. After unforgettably qualifying for the 2006 World Cup at expense of Uruguay, 13 of Australia’s 23…

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